In just a few hours RestorFX changes the aesthetic appearance of a vehicle so dramatically… It's often referred to as speechless. RestorFX's technology is changing the detailing industry by saving time, getting better results and having a longer-lasting pristine finish.


The RestorFX Renew™ System is a solution, not a mask.

RestorFX Renew™ is not a wax, polish, sealant, or fancy “coating”, but a treatment which cures evenly and consistently. In contrast with traditional cut-and-polish, and in less time, this product actually fixes blemishes and restores a vehicle. This product is adaptible, consistent, and revolutionary. RestorFX Renew™ treats the underlying cause by restoring the integrity of the vehicle. This is a one-of-a-kind product which is not available anywhere else. The bottom line is: This product fixes. Permanently.


The RestorFX Renew™ System is a solution, not a mask.

Renew™ effectively removes scratches, scuffs, swirls, fading, oxidation, road-rash and other blemishes. Most detailing methods attempt to “cut” an existing clear coat so that scratches and blemishes are eliminated. This method literally subtracts from the depth of the existing finish, resulting in a shallower, duller look while eliminating the protective and much needed clear coat. However, RestorFX Renew™ literally restores the damaged clear coat by chemically treating, leveling, and filling in the damaged area. Thus, instead of lowering the clear coat to the lowest common demoninator, RestorFX Renew™ raises the entire quality of the vehicle.


RestorFX Renew™ is a long-term fix and does not wash off.

Placing a sheen over an existing scratch or temporarily covering swirls and blemishes with waxes and sealants does little to address the underlying problem and literally comes off in the wash. In contrast, RestorFX Renew™ is a 2-Part chemical treatment that bonds to the existing clear coat. This means that RestorFX Renew™ does not peel, flake, wash off, or react with ordinary chemicals. In fact, we believe in the properties of this product so much, that we guarantee that these phenomena will not happen. Instead of being temporary, RestorFX Renew™ results in a hard, firm, protective, and permanent layer that is just as effective as today’s modern paint finishes.

I notice the difference every day. I brag about it. I have a lot of people tell me I keep it looking good. It makes my day every day.

           — Chris Beck, 2003 Honda Pilot


A system that makes used cars look new again, permanently

 Our RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System™ RestorFX Renew™, consists of our clear coat restoration process and our finish protectant – RestorFX Retain™. This System is a permanent, professionally applied, refinishing process which ensures that a vehicle has a deep, resonant luster without blemishes and a quality protective finish. Thus, in three simple steps a cars blemishes are filled, its old shine restored, and its new look protected. The RestorFX Automotive Refinishing System effectively renovates the entire body of a given vehicle.

                   RestorFX Renew            

           Clear Coat Restoration Process


                    RestorFX Retain™
                    Finish Protectant



With RestorFX Renew™, 99% of clear coat scratches, paint deterioration and imperfections are brilliantly repaired, redone, and restored. The dull, faded look of a car that spent many hours on the open road under the sun is reunited with its old full luster and a profoundly deep gloss. In addition to this beautiful appearance, RestorFX protects a vehicle against further fading, road salt, oxidation, scratches, and much more. Furthermore, RestorFX is environmentally friendly. RestorFX is an efficient, professionally-applied process and its VOC levels are EPA compliant and it does not wash off into local water-tables or get sprayed into the air. RestorFX does not need a paint booth environment to be applied.

I can’t believe the transformation. I keep walking around the van looking for all the old scratches and swirls and I can’t find them. What an amazing process.
Dennis Honholt, 2006 Toyota Sienna


Brilliant new finish with a stalwart shield against further damage

Like all paint finishes, once a vehicle’s finish has been restored using RestorFX Renew™, it is still susceptible to regular, everyday, wear and tear, scuffs and scrapes. Using the newest and most superior technology, RestorFX Retain™ will further protect that vehicle from such occurrences for up to six months. It then can be reapplied for another six months of protection.

RestorFX Retain™ is the finishing touch and extra layer of protection that a vehicle needs once it has been fixed and filled with RestorFX Renew™ and RestorFX Refinish™, respectively. Simply think of Retain as the screen protector on a new cell phone or as a super-wax over a nice paint job. It provides a vehicle’s brilliant new finish with a stalwart shield against further damage.


For generations, auto detailing has been the most effective method for restoring a faded paint finish back to a healthy shine. While this traditional method remains an integral aspect of detailing, RestorFX is transforming auto-detailing with advanced technology that results in better quality finishes with substantially less time spent invested in the headache of cut and polish. Detailers no longer have to worry about the long and draining work on the buffing wheel for hours around a car — combating swirl marks, deep scratches, and other headaches. RestorFX has the solution.

Billion Dollars in Annual Used-Car Sales
Million Vehicles Changing Hands per Year
Common Detailing Problems
Permanent Solution


Over the past decade, dealerships have averaged nearly 338 billion dollars in used-car sales every year – amounting to nearly 41,000,000 vehicles annually. With all of those vehicles changing hands, and with the many miles spent with twigs that scratch, rocks that chip, and sun that fades, the exterior quality of all vehicles becomes compromised. We’ve come to expect this. But what if we told you that expectation chould change? What if there was another option? What if one could completely restore a car cheaply and efficiently? With RestorFX, you can.


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